Lindianne and Bumppo Announce Everlasting

We are pleased to announce the publication of Bumppo's first book, Everlasting and
the Great River, Adventures of an Alaskan Dene Girl.  This delightful book, written for
young people age 8-12, is suitable also for parents and grandparents to read to
younger children.  You may visit Bumppo's website,, to find
out more about Everlasting.  The book is worth buying just for the fine illustrations by
Bob Parsons of Anchorage, Alaska.  

Truth Justice and Reconciliation Work Continues

In the city of Homer, Bumppo and I joined Citizens of Alaska
to create a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission to bring together
police and citizens to examine our justice system.  Citizens are cordially
invited to share stories of what happens when police abuse citizens and deny 
their constitutional rights.  The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission
in Homer is in its seventh month.   Our websites are under construction, and

Our inspiration is Desmond Tutu, who helped South Africa transition from
apartheid to full democracy.  Here in America, our democracy is threatened by
a rising police state.  Citizens feel abused and disrespected, our justice system
is freeing child rapists but incarcerating citizens for small drug and alchohol
infractions, police prey upon people leaving bars and parties to the extent that
people choose to go out less, and socialize less.  In effect, government is chilling our
First Amendment right to assemble.  Our best, strongest, idealistic young
men and women, America's fine National Reserve, are being destroyed by
continual wars to support an assumed empire that we Americans never voted 

Fortunately, free speech and assembly are alive and well in Homer.   I am
particularly grateful to Homer Police Chief Mark Robl for meeting with
Citizens of Alaska, and for protecting citizens who file complaints about
abusive police behavior.  For more on the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation
Commission, see the opinion  piece Bumppo and I wrote for the June 13 issue
of the Homer Tribune.  

Recording, Performing and Teaching

In February, 2012 Jean Aspen and Tom Irons commissioned me to compose
additional music to augment Brian Smith's score for their video documentary,
Arctic Son.   Arctic Child Suite for piano was the result.  Milo Matthews and I
recorded the tracks, Milo Matthews mastered the CD,  and Bob Parsons did a
beautiful job on the graphics.   The CD is called Lindianne at the Piano; Arctic
Child Suite.  

Good Reviews in National Media

My publicists at Wavelength Radio Promotion just sent news of this lovely review
in No Depression Roots and Americana Music:
blogs/cd-review-alaskan-folk-music-from-singer-songwriter-lindianne.  The All That Jazz
review is due in December.  Thank you, Harry Watters and Bobby Dickerman!  Thank
you, reviewers!

From early reviews for my CD American Man, Freedom Songs from the Peace Line:  
"Lindianne's voice has a compelling quality.  We listen to American Man
over and over."  "One of the top albums of my life - compares to Music from Big
Loreena McKennitt, Old and in the Way."  "I love Lindianne's stories and the
characters in her ballads."  "A classic."  "I never get tired of listening to it."

You can listen to songs, download and review songs, and purchase American
CD from  Just scroll down to the bottom of this page for the
CDBaby link.  Or contact me directly through this website.  

All songs on American Man  CD and website copyright 2012 Lindianne.

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Lindianne: American Man, Freedom Songs from the Peace Line

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